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Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review

Delicious coffee every time
  • Design
  • Taste
  • Price

A sexy, sophisticated connected machine that has quality and simplicity at its core and with an integrated Aerocinno3. With the Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine, you will want for nothing.

Price: [amazon_link asins=’B06WWQNXRB’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’bestcoffeem06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d22458be-ca6e-11e7-b5c8-5386ab144ab6′]

The Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine has everything you could want and is not much more expensive than competitors. Its design, functionality and coffee is top of the line. Nespresso’s best yet. See also Nespresso Krups Prodigio review.

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review: Design

Krups and Nespresso have outdone themselves with the design of the Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine. This has to be one of the sleekest units on the market. With smooth gliding styles and an aluminium brush finish, this is one classy machine and it’s obvious that serious thought has gone into every inch of it. See also: The BEST capsule coffee machines of 2017.

While larger than some machines, H44 x W40 x D26.2cm, the flat-to-the-wall shape is ingenious, meaning it can sit unobtrusively on any kitchen benchtop. This also forgives its large 1.2L water tank which is great for making lots of drinks without having to refill but can often mean bulkiness – not the case with the Nespresso Expert.

There’s the impressive option to brew four coffee sizes (Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml) and the Nespresso Americano ) at 19-bar pressure, all of which can be altered even after brew has begun. However, the best feature could be the option of coffee temperature. The old-as-time argument as to what the right temperature a coffee should be is void with this machine, making each cup completely customisable to suit its drinker. See also: Smeg ecF01 review – a gorgeous coffee machine with a retro 1950s design.

Then the optional Aerocinno3 completes this unit. Offering a portfolio of options, including cold-frothed which is great for iced coffees, you’d be silly not to include it.

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review 2

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review: Ease of use

One of Nespresso’s brand values is ease of use, and it continues this reputation with the Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine. You have two dials to choose your cup size and temperature, a space to drop the coffee pod hidden behind a slider, next to a discreet ‘on’ button. A small detail which could be overlooked but is very well thought of is the magnetic drip tray which is moved side to side to adapt to different cup sizes, meaning there’s no need to keep removing it.

See also: The Best Coffee Machines of 2017.

But potentially one of the coolest features of this machine is its Bluetooth technology. You can pair your smartphone to the app to choose your user settings, save preferred recipes and schedule the next morning’s brew. Granted the app doesn’t control the Aeroccino, and being Bluetooth, it does glitch from time to time but it is by no means a gimmick. However, it also keeps track of capsule stocks, the water tank level and will notify you when the machine needs descaling.

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review 3

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review: Taste

It’s hard to fault the taste of Nespresso pod coffees. They guarantee rich, bold fresh flavours with a perfect crema every time, and hardly ever disappoint. However, you pay a price for this premium with each pod costing on average 30p which is cheap in comparison to your store-bought Starbucks or Costa, but is at the high end of the spectrum when it comes to home-brew coffee pods.

Nevertheless, with the Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine you’re guaranteed a perfect pour with a thick crema every time, no matter the length of the drink. Additionally, the machine offers two separate fluid lines: one dedicated to coffee and one dedicated to hot water in order to deliver the highest quality drink time after time.

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review: Value for money?

[amazon_link asins=’B06WWDGG7C’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’bestcoffeem06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’3ef079a8-c744-11e7-8f28-7d9dbd8551f0′]This is potentially the best looking, easiest to use, smart, functional coffee capsule machine on the market right now. And with a price tag of £249.99, it’s surprisingly affordable compared to lesser-quality competitors.

Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine review: Verdict

The Krups Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine has combined the functionality coffee drinkers need, with the style and sophistication they want. Its high-quality coffee, customisable options and multi-functional Aeroccino3 frother all under a respectable price tag means it’s one of the best on the market right now.


Not quite what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon.co.uk to browse current Coffee Machine deals.

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